Some Things of Interest

I have been creating and programming web pages for around 28 years, beginning back in the days of dial-up. WTF is "dial-up" you might ask? That's Internet access with a maximum speed of 0.056Mbit/sec. And that was the fast speed! I remember dialing into a text-only BBS with a 300 baud modem (that's only 0.0003Mbit/sec!!). How on Earth did we survive?! Anyway, I started writing web pages as a hobby, creating a personal page, a celebrity fan page (don't judge - it was a phase, and I'm feeling much better now), helping a friend with his railfan page and working on some local business sites. After college, I worked at a web design firm briefly before partnering with some friends to create a new company. I eventually bought out the business as those friends moved on, and that business is Horizons Web Design.

All my skills are self-taught (you did read about my professional training in Film, right?) so I relied heavily on reading books and scouring the source code of other web sites to hone my craft. I started with basic HTML, then quickly expanded into Javascript, Java, Perl and CSS. Eventually I delved into PHP and MySQL, creating my own CMS (Content Management System) to be used as a basis for my web sites. If you might happen to be looking at getting into web programming yourself, here's some excellent resources that should help:

Here's some pages recommended by visitors to my site:

Back in the days before MP3s, those of us lucky enough to have owned an Amiga computer used to enjoy our music in the form of MODs. These music "modules" were kind of like MIDI files, but used multiple tracks and sampled instruments. MODs are still around today, with artists actively creating new works. A popular site that hosts MODs is The MOD Archive, which has been around just as long as my site has. Need a MOD player? Check out the excellent MODPlug Central for a player and a tracker (for creating your own MODs).

Wondering where a lot of my photos are taken? Well, since I don't often get the opportunity to travel, most of them are taken around home. Luckily, I live in one of the most scenic regions in Canada: The Niagara Region.