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Oh Yeah
That famous song, used in the movies Ferris Bueler's Day Off and The Secret of My Success.

Gilligan's Island -- updated
Normally I hate re-mixes, but this tune sounds really cool!

Between the Eyes
An excellent rock song.

Yes! The theme music from the movie Fletch!

Another excellent rock song. Starts off deceivingly slow, but picks up quite well very soon.

Klisje Paa Klisje
A strange but very well done light (for the most part) song with all types of good instruments used (piano, guitar, drums, organ...)

Odyssey Mods - Part 1
Part one of an excellently composed series of songs created for a space demo.

Odyssey Mods - Part 2
Part 2 of the Odyssey collection.

Odyssey Mods - Part 3
Part 3 of the Odyssey collection.

Odyssey Mods - Part 4
Part 4 of the Odyssey collection.

Odyssey Mods - Part 5
Part 5 of the Odyssey collection.

Odyssey Mods - Part 6
The last song in the Odyssey collection.

Rainy Night
An excellent composition of ambience and light music.

Smoke on the Water
A popular Deep Purple song. Rock on!

Strange name, but a rockin' guitar tune!

Themes from 007
Some James Bond tunes. Not too bad.

What's this doing here? Okay, it's a neat little variation on the Batman theme.

One of the first Mods I ever had. Good tune!

Axel F
One of many variations on the song Axel F. I like this one.

Cantina Band
Yes folks... it's the Cantina Band from Star Wars! (with a few extras)

Similar style to Shadow of the Beast and Leander music. Quite good.

Countdown Title
Was this from a game? Anyway, good song! A little dark with good use of bells.

Space Debris
Excellent Mod! Sort of a light dance music tune with unique instruments. I actually used this as background music on a professional animation demo reel once. (shhhh!)

Star Trek
A not too shabby rendition of the Star Trek movie theme.

Distant Call
One of the most realistic piano Mods I've ever heard!

Pretty good rock tune. Sounds like it might have come from a car racing game.

A well composed Mod by Moby. Light listening.

Jammin' in the Wind
I just had to put this one here... it's really neat.

The Priests II
A hard rock tune - one of the first Mods I ever had. Lots of different instruments jamming together in a good old-fashioned rock tune.

Tom's Diner
Similar to the real thing.

What is Love
Yes, that's right folks, it's everyone's favourite tune from A Night at the Roxbury! So sit back, bust a car window with your head, and try not to drive yourself insane.

Wild Thing
"Let's do it!"

Bad Boogie
Boogie?? No, it's not what it seems... I'm not going disco on ya! It's a decent rock 'n' roll tune.

Iron Wheels
Hard rock tune with a cool guitar.

Do The Riffs
This Mod has some excellent instruments and is very well composed. It sounds very realistic.

Twin Peaks
Yep... a Mod rendition of the theme to the TV show Twin Peaks.

Choose Now
A very mellow tune with some good instruments.

12th Warrior
Starts off sort of ominous but turns into a more upbeat dance tune. Good instruments.

Fountain of Sighs
A mellow guitar song with well digitized instruments.

The Grey Note
Well sampled, light piano song.

Cotton Eyed Joe
Popular between-inning ballpark dance music song.

Mission Impossible
The theme song from the movie. Very well done!

Quantum Leap
The theme to the TV show Quantum Leap.

Serenade II
Low-key tune that sounds sort of depressing. (It was meant as a love song. Go figure)

"Everybody Mambo!"

Top Gun
A good rendition of the instrumental theme music from Top Gun.

Guitar Slinger
An easy-listening tune with a very real sounding guitar.

Mods From Games

Leander Title Music
The title tune to a popular Amiga adventure game. Very dark and mysterious sounding.

Leander - World 1
The music from world 1 of Leander.

Leander - World 2
The music from world 2 of Leander.

Leander - World 3
The music from world 3 of Leander.

Leander - Shop Song
The music from the shop in Leander.

Leander - Hi-Score
The music from the hi-score screen in Leander.

Leander - Game End
The music from the end of Leander.

SWIV Title Music
The title music to an excellent Amiga apocalyptic/futuristic shoot-em-up game.

Power Monger Title Music
Yet another great Amiga game's theme music. Sort of medieval sounding.

Shadow of the Beast
A selection of music from the awesome Amiga game, Shadow of the Beast.

Shadow of the Beast - caverns
More music from Shadow of the Beast.

Shadow of the Beast 3 - Intro
The intro song to Shadow of the Beast 3.

Shadow of the Beast 3 - Caves
An in-game tune from Shadow of the Beast 3.

Shadow of the Beast 3 - Forest
Another in-game tune from Shadow of the Beast 3.

Shadow of the Beast 3 - Fort
An additional in-game tune from Shadow of the Beast 3.

Shadow of the Beast 3 - Funeral
A further in-game tune from Shadow of the Beast 3.

Shadow of the Beast 3 - Temple
A supplementary tune from Shadow of the Beast 3 (this completes the series, I believe).

Remember Arkanoid?

The Killing Game Show - loader
By popular request, here's the music from the popular Amiga game, The Killing Game Show.

The Killing Game Show - in-game
In-game music from The Killing Game Show.

The Killing Game Show - credits
Music from the credits of The Killing Game Show.

Agony - Intro
The intro music to Agony. Excellent piano, don't you think?

Giana Sisters
Yes, I said "Giana Sisters"...

The Funky Bubble
Bubble Bobble theme music. Okay, it's not the original game music, but it's close!

The title track to the game Zool.

Rock n Zool
One of the sound tracks to the game Zool (rock version).

Another sound track from Zool (rave version).

Sweetie Land Funk
Another sound track from Zool (funk version).

Another sound track from Zool.

Sonic Basher
Another sound track from Zool.

Vcc+Gigicar 1989
A friend recommended this one to me. He said it's the sound track from the first level of Led Storm (I wouldn't know, I've never played that game). It's good though... Anyone know where I can find more Tim Follin tunes?

Star Control 2 - Tune 5
The spaceflight soundtrack from the game Star Control 2.

This is a rendition of the song from the old Commodore 64 game Bulldog. It was remixed by Herman Martinsson.

Krakout.... I used to love this Commodore 64 game! This is a pretty cool tune too.

For more Commodore 64 tunes, check out this site:

Lotus 2
The title song to the game Lotus 2. A neat little tune.

Project X
Title song to the game Projext X.

Ghouls 'n' Ghosts
Hey Pete, I got it this time dammit!  ;-) And you were right... it's a good tune! Enjoy.

Chuck Rock
The intro music to Chuck Rock.

Skate Or Die
An awesome guitar tune from the old C64 game Skate Or Die.

Turrican II
Theme music from the game Turrican II. Thanks Slade!

One of my all-time favourite games, and an awesome theme song!

Bubble Ghost
A fun little game with a fantastic intro tune.

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