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Edward Scissorhands - Ice Dance
An excellent rendition of the Ice Dance from Edward Scissorhands. This MIDI file was sequenced by Ben Boldt using MIDIGraphy on a MAC computer. It is optimized to be played using QuickTime Musical Instruments 5 (or better), but it still plays nicely in the average MIDI player.

"Step By Step" Theme Song
The title song for the TV show Step By Step, as sequenced by Sail Kim from Seoul, Korea.

Danger Zone
That popular Kenny Loggins song from the movie Top Gun.

Bohemian Rhapsody
A reproduction of the Queen song by the same name.

The title Duke Nukem 3D song.

Aliens, Say Your Prayers!
A good Duke Nukem 3D in-game tune.

Ah, Geez!
Another Duke Nukem 3D tune I like.

Space Storm
Epsiode 2, level 2 song from Duke Nukem 3D. Suits the level perfectly.

The Heat Is On
A MIDI sequencing of that famous song used in the Beverly Hills Cop opening sequence.

Sabre Dance
I'm sure you know this song. Heh heh!  ;-)

Beetlejuice Theme
The theme song to the movie Beetlejuice.

The Batman movie theme. (There's another rendition further down the page that I like better)

Bond... James Bond.

A little MIDI of the Cheers theme. For an alternate version (quicker-paced and uses different instruments) click here.

Edward Scissorhands
The music from the movie Edward Scissorhands.

Bubble Bobble
Oh yes... it's the Bubble Bobble video game theme song. Blame Pete for this one being here  ;-)

Sim City 2000
This is one of the Sim City 2000 tunes that plays while you create (or destroy) your cities.

The eerie Vangelis theme music from the movie 1492. Excellent MIDI rendition.

Against All Odds
The song by Phil Collins.

Theme from the movie Alien.

"Robin, to the Batmobile!" Well, not exactly... this is the suite from Batman the movie. Another great sequencing job.

Blade Runner
An excellent theme song to an excellent movie.

Deep Space Nine
The best rendition of the Deep Space Nine theme song I have heard yet!

Grab some Reese's Pieces, it's the ET theme song!

Back To The Future
Hey McFly! It's the theme music from Back To The Future.

Who ya gonna call?

Some music from the movie Gremlins.

Indiana Jones
The Raiders March from Indiana Jones. Great stuff!

David Letterman
Theme from The Late Show with David Letterman.

This used to be my all-time favourite show. Well, until they moved it to LA. It was all down-hill from there.

Mission: Impossible
The theme from the recent Mission Impossible movie.

Mission: Impossible
Theme from the old Mission Impossible TV show.

The theme from another excellent 80's TV show.

Nobody Does It Better
A well-known 007 theme song.

Outer Limits
From the current TV series, The Outer Limits.

Music from Phantom of the Opera.

Pretty Woman
The Roy Orbison song Pretty Woman.

Music from the classic suspense film, Psycho.

Pulp Fiction
Yep, it's the cool tune from the credits of Pulp Fiction.

The Simpsons
Did you know that the Simpsons theme was created by the same guy who did the Batman theme? Yep -- Danny Elfman.

Star Trek
Theme song from the original Star Trek TV series.

Star Wars
Music from the opening credits of the movie Star Wars - including the 20th Century Fox intro!

St. Elmo's
Theme from St. Elmo's Fire.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Theme song from the second Star Trek series, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

It's a bird.. it's a plane... no, it's the Superman theme song! (no, I don't want any wine with that cheese... ;-) )

Hasta la vista, baby! This is the theme from the movie Terminator.

To round out the Star Trek collection, here is an excellent rendition of the Voyager theme.

The truth is out there... but don't ask me where, I lost my map.

Feel The Noise
C'mon, feel the noise!

Walking On The Moon
A popular 80's song by The Police.

A good version of the movie theme for Halloween.

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