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Pages I Designed and/or Maintain:

Horizons Web Design
My business. A complete list of sites I have worked on can be found in the Profile section of that site. Check out my logo animation in the Lightwave Gallery!

Friends' Pages:

Niagara Rails
A page by a buddy of mine who loves trains. Climb aboard and learn all about the railroads of the Niagara Region!

Phaethon Interstellar
This is the personal resume site of a very creative friend of mine, Jim May.

Software Archives:

The Internet Archive Software Collection
A large vintage and historical software archive.

FTP search
A search utility for finding files on public FTP sites.

The place for finding Amiga software (and MODs) on the net.


3D Realms
The creators of Duke Nukem 3D (and that sequel that took forever, but we won't mention that).

Valve Software
While impatiently waiting for Duke Nukem Forever, I got hooked on Half-Life.

Vintage Gaming Network
A great place to find platform games and emulators.

The Official MAME Site
Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. One of the best arcade game emulators.

TV/Film Related:

National Film Board of Canada
The official web site for the NFB.

Internet Movie Database
A huge resource for information on movies, TV shows, actors and actresses.

Web Page Design:

w3schools Web Tutorials
An excellent tutorial site for nearly all aspects of web deisgn from the most basic to the really complex.

Matt's Script Archive
You'll find lots of great Perl CGI scripts here. It was by looking at these scripts that I learned Perl.

Perl Manual - Commands
A good reference spot for the different commands available in Perl.

Learn About Domains & HTML
This site was recommended by a Girl Scout troop in California.

HTML Tutorials & Training Resources
This site was recommended by students of Anna Jones of Book Slide in Wyoming.

Website Builder Heaven - A Guide to HTML
This site was recommended by the students of Jean Massieu Academy in Grand Prairie, Texas.

PHP Manual
The official web site of the widely-used server scripting language called PHP. Those new to PHP should check the tutorial first.

MySQL Documentation
An excellent reference guide complete with developer community suggestions for programming server-based MySQL databases.

Computer Music (MODs):

MODplug Central
Web browser plugin for playing Amiga music MODules.

The Mod Archive!
HUGE collection of MODs here.

The High Voltage SID Collection
Archive of SID music (old Commodore 64 game tunes and more).

Niagara Region:

Tour St. Catharines
The best source for history, current events and photos of the city of St. Catharines.

Visit Niagara
A tourism web page all about the region I live in.

FALLS.NET - Northstar's Guide to Niagara Falls, Canada
Another Niagara Region tourism page with lots of pictures.

Search Engines:

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