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Some great alphabetical order:

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The Abyss
A special effects extravaganza when it was released, and a pretty good movie. Keep your eyes out for the director's cut.

The Addams Family
Very stylistic and true to the original Charles Addams comic strip (not like the TV series). Entertaining and full of macabre humour.

Addams Family Values
Every bit as good as the original. Excellently cast.

The Adventures of Baron Münchausen
A very strange concept, but an excellent film. Very stylistic as well.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
A real fun movie. Worth checking out. Look for a hilarious performance by John Lithgow as an alien in a human body (better than 3rd Rock From the Sun!).

Air America
Robert Downey Jr. and Mel Gibson -- you can't lose!

Yes, the Disney movie! It wasn't bad! Robin Williams is a comedy geni(e)us.

All the President's Men
This is a classic film. It's an extremely well-acted reenactment of the Watergate conspiracy with top-notch writing, and is also quite suspenseful - even though everyone already knows the outcome!
Side note: The cigarette-smoking informant in this film is obviously the character X-Files got their idea for "Cancer Man" from, but did you also notice the name "Scully" read off on Woodward & Bernstein's list?

American Graffiti
An excellent slice-of-life movie with a top-notch cast - and a top-notch director, George Lucas!

The Andromeda Strain
The original outbreak!

Back to the Future I, II, III
An excellent sci-fi/adventure trilogy. Second only to Star Wars and Indy on my favourite film trilogy list!

Batman Begins
The rest of the Batman movies were okay, but this one is my favourite. They really got it right this time. And yes, I know... a microwave gun that superheats water pipes while not evaporating nearby people is just plain impossible, and putting a fat guy on a search light would result in a very messy pig roast... but hey, it is based on a comic book!

A very funny movie. Michael Keaton is frightfully funny as a mischievous spirit from the Netherworld.

Beverly Hills Cop
Eddie in his prime.

For the kid in you.

Blade Runner
Excellent sci-fi with an even better sound track.

Just when you think they got him... Surprise! He's back!
An epic film and quite an accomplishment for director/star Mel Gibson.

Citizen Kane
Orson Welles certainly knew how to make a movie -- especially when this was his first one!

Die Hard 1, 2, 3
Action-packed all the way through!

Ed Wood
Watch Plan 9 from Outer Space (in my "worst" list, coincidentally), then watch this. Hilarious!

The Evil Dead
Did I put this on the wrong page you ask? Nope. Watch it -- it's side-splitting funny! (but was that intentional?)

Long, but spellbinding.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
I liked it.

Field of Dreams
I liked this one too -- the full version, not the axed-down TV version.

Get the theme music from Fletch on my MOD page! Oh yeah, the movie is good too!

The Fugitive (1993)
You just can't keep Harrison Ford down.

Wacky concept, but makes for a great unique movie.

A very well done gangster film.

Grumpier Old Men
Just as funny as the original. Perhaps even more so.

Grumpy Old Men
Great fun from Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon.

Hard to follow for some, but a great movie once you know the background story. It inspired the even better television series of the same name, starring Adrian Paul. Stay away from the sequel Highlander films though, they are just confusing.

The Hunt for Red October
Sean Connery just can't make a bad movie.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Next to Star Wars, the Indiana Jones films are my favourites!

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
The second entry to the Indy film trio!

In the Line of Fire
An action-filled and suspenseful Clint Eastwood movie in the good old Eastwood style.

It Could Happen to You
A good light-hearted romance flick with some winning performances.

It's a Wonderful Life
Frank Capra's little slice-of-life -- with a twist. Excellent performances all around.

Did you know that Steven Spielberg was only 27 when he directed this scare-fest masterpiece? Wow!

The Journey of Natty Gann
Yes, I admit... It's not my usual genre of films, but it is pretty good.

A little too much motion blur on the computer special effects, but it's a thoroughly enjoyable film.

Jurassic Park
Not much of a story, but very impressive to watch.

A medieval fantasy about knights, sorcerers, and undying love. A good blend of adventure, humour and romance.

Legally Blonde
Like... for sure? Okay, so it might have been a tad predictable, but it was still a fun movie. Funny, upbeat, and not as dumb as the title implies. A great job by Reese Witherspoon.

Lethal Weapon 1, 2, 3 & 4
For some reason I prefer the second two films to the first, but they are all good movies.

Little Shop of Horrors
This bent 1986 musical-horror-comedy is an excellent blend of the three. Good acting and outrageously funny.

A Long Kiss Goodnight
A surprisingly entertaining action film from Geena Davis. Definitely worth watching.

Lords of the Rings (I, II & III)
My new favourite movie trilogy!! These three movies are just spectacular. The story is from my favourite books, the scenery is breath-taking, the special effects are the best... everything about this trilogy is great!

Love Potion #9
A quirky but enjoyable comedy from Sandra Bullock.

The Maltese Falcon
This 1941 crime story is truly a classic. Great cast, excellent dialogue and a story full of back stabs, double crosses and "the stuff that dreams are made of".

The Man With One Red Shoe
An enjoyable movie with lots of laughs -- and lots of stars (Tom Hanks, James Belushi, Carrie Fisher, Dabney Coleman, Lori Singer...).

The Man Without a Face
A touching drama from first-time director Mel Gibson -- who also stars in it.

This 1993 movie starring John Goodman is an all around entertaining film with many sub-plots. Worth seeing twice, so I think I'll rent it again.

The Matrix
After a few months away from the theatre, I finally returned to see a movie. That movie was The Matrix, and I must say it was well worth it! It certainly lives up to its own hype. A fascinating concept that is brilliantly played out.

Max Headroom
A visually superb movie that sparked the short-lived TV series. An interesting concept and fun to watch.

Memoirs of an Invisible Man
I wouldn't have thought this was a role for Chevy Chase, but he pulls it off very well. It also has some excellent special effects.

Mrs. Doubtfire
Robin Williams is fantastic as a father so desperate to see his children (living with his estranged wife) that he masquerades as an elderly nanny.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
I watch this every time it's on TV! Just plain nuts -- I love it!

Either the 1926 original, or the 1984 musical revision, this film is a classic.

My Cousin Vinny
Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei are a terrific pair in this film. A comedy you won't want to miss.

The Naked Gun
All three films were fun (The Naked Gun 2 1/2 and The Naked Gun 33 1/3 -- The Final Insult), but the original is still the funniest.

The Natural
A rewarding, old-fashioned baseball film. Entertaining throughout with an all-star cast.

The Neverending Story
I first saw it as a kid and I thought it was fantastic. It's an excellent fantasy adventure film.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
A stunning film when you consider the painstaking detail in its stop-motion animation. With an inventive plot, it's entertaining to watch as well.

North by Northwest
A classic thriller by the master himself, Alfred Hitchcock. Very suspenseful and well-acted.

October Sky
A truly inspirational and emotional movie. Based on a true story.

Passenger 57
Action-packed flick with Wesley Snipes at the helm -- it's an airborne Die Hard.

A pulse-pounding action film in true Schwarzenegger form. A little gory, but still good.

The Princess Bride
A funny, imaginative, adventurous, and all around good movie with a star-studded cast.

The Quick and the Dead
Not the 1995 Sharon Stone movie (definitely not!), but a 1987 Sam Elliott TV movie. It's surprisingly good -- especially considering I don't normally like westerns.

Raiders of the Lost Ark
The first Indiana Jones film, and the beginning of a legend!

Real Genius
A little far-fetched, but who cares! It's a lot of fun.

Rear Window
Another excellent suspense thriller by Alfred Hitchcock.

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins
Not an amazing movie, but it is funny and entertaining. Good enough for me. Highlighted by an excellent performance from Joel Grey.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
This 1991 Kevin Costner flick is well-shot and enjoyable, with some excellent characters and a good sound track.

An extremely violent, yet very stylish and entertaining, sci-fi action film.

The Rocketeer
An excellent adventure film for all ages.

Romancing the Stone
A combination of action, suspense, romance, and lots of laughs! A really fun adventure movie.

An excellent Steve Martin comedy based on Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac. Very rewarding.

Short Circuit
Creative and fun... albeit somewhat implausible.

Short Time
A hilarious Dabney Coleman comedy. Definitely find the time to watch this one.

Singin' in the Rain
I was pleasantly surprised when I sat down one rainy afternoon, turned on the TV, and found this movie on one of the channels. A superb film with witty dialogue, excellent performances, and impressive choreography.

Mel Brooks in true form! A great parody of Star Wars (among others).

An excellent action film that keeps you at the edge of your seat for the entire ride!

Stand By Me
An involving character study of four boys on a search for the body of someone believed hit by a train. A great drama with sad and funny moments.

Star Trek IV, VI & First Contact
Out of all the Star Trek films, these three are my favourites. Star Trek The Motion Picture and Star Trek V, however, were not that great. Actually, all the odd-numbered ones weren't that great.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
This is the first movie in the Star Wars series, even though it was produced over 20 years after Episode IV. I think it was too short to be honest, and more character development (especially on the part of the Sith) would have been better. Even still, I really enjoyed the movie. The music (by John Williams) truly enhances the drama and action.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
You MUST see this one digitally remastered! My all-time favourite film.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
George Lucas comes through again -- was there any doubt?

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
The final (for now) episode in the Star Wars series. Lucas claims he has no plans for episodes 7, 8 & 9, but I hope he's bluffing.

Strange Brew
Hey all you hosers! It's Bob and Doug! You just gotta love it, eh?

Sudden Death
A good 1995 action movie with plenty of thrills and spills. Jean-Claude doesn't do much fighting in this one, but that's okay -- it's a good movie.

Summer Rental
I don't know why, but I like this movie! Rip Torn is hilarious as Captain Scully.

Summer School
A hilarious movie about a P.E. coach (Mark Harmon) stuck with teaching remedial English to a group of summer school misfits.

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
A suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat movie with fine performances by Walter Matthau and Robert Shaw.

Tekwar: The Original Movie
The springboard for the Tekwar TV series, created by, directed by, and co-starring William Shatner. Greg Evigan is great in the role of ex-cop Jake Cardigan.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Wow! Special effects to the hilt, and an excellent movie!

The Time Machine
This 1960 time travel movie is truly a sci-fi classic.

A creative and entertaining sci-fi/action flick. Way to go Van Damme!

Sandwiched in my list between Jean-Claude and Arnold is not a fitting place for this movie. This film is one of the most moving dramas I have ever watched, with special effects that make it one of the most realistic movies as well. It was entertaining all the way through. At just over three hours long, I never once found myself looking at my watch.

Total Recall
A terrific Arnold Schwarzenegger thrill-ride. Every minute is action-packed.

Toy Story 2
The first Toy Story movie was impressive looking and fun for all ages, but this sequel is much more. It is hilarious with a great plot. You completely forget you are watching computer animation.

Trading Places
A great pairing of comedy giants Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd.

Great, old-style monster movie with many hilarious -- and suspenseful -- moments.

True Lies
Another fabulous Schwarzenegger action film with tons of thrills and a great comedic performance from co-star Tom Arnold.

A surprising and effective made for TV, sci-fi thriller with Jonathan Silverman and Helen Slater -- among others.

Uncle Buck
John Candy gives an uproarious performance in the title role.

Under Siege
A good action-packed film with Steven Segal taking the helm.

Under Siege 2
Just as entertaining as the original with Segal now battling terrorists on a moving train.

The excellent and exciting sci-fi miniseries that fueled the TV series.

The War of the Worlds
Superb science fiction classic with great special effects -- hard to believe it was made in 1953!

The Wedding Singer
A surprisingly funny and heart-warming romantic comedy from.. Adam Sandler?? Yep, believe it or not.

While You Were Sleeping
Sandra Bullock gives a heart-warming performance as a good samaritan who is mistaken for the fiancée of a coma victim.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Funny and well-done Disney movie that combines live action and animation seamlessly. Excellent performances by Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, and, of course, Roger Rabbit!

Okay, I'm a sucker for these kinds of adventure films -- but I really do like this one!

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