About The Designer

Hello, and welcome to my personal web site! My name is Jeff Godin, and I'll be your virtual guide today.
Please fasten your seat belt and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times...

     I live in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada (for the geographically impaired: Canada is the large cold place just North of the US). I run two businesses: Godin Consulting and Horizons Web Design. I am a skilled computer technician and an experienced web designer, and have been working in the latter field since 1997. People often ask me where I learned my skills. Well, it wasn't in school (I took Film Production in college. It was a phase. I'm feeling much better now, thank you). I'm basically self-taught, having been around computers since about 1980.

     With a collection of Amigas, Desktop PCs, laptops and a functional C-64, I spend a lot of time on computers. No, I'm not a computer geek who speaks only in short-forms, tilts my head to smile, and only slides out of the swivel-recliner computer chair (with lumbar support) at scheduled intervals to inhale a high-protein snack while gulping down a 650mL bottle of Jolt Cola (do they still make that?). I'm a relatively normal guy with a normal life. Computers are just my job, and a fun time-waster. I enjoy figuring out problems, designing things, tearing things apart and putting them back together again (sometimes even without parts left over).

     I also have many interests other than computers. I love watching movies - not just for entertainment value, but to really watch them and see all the meticulous work put in by the directors, writers, set designers, etc. (don't forget the gaffer!) I suppose there had to be some reason I took that film course, eh? I also like to play pool (though I'm not that good... possibly why I sold the pool table...), go for bike rides, visit with friends, go hiking, explore ancient ruins... Okay... so there's no ancient ruins here, but if there were, I'd be there. I've explored just about everything else in this area. The Niagara Region has plenty of streams, waterfalls (apart from the BIG one), valleys, old buildings and hiking trails. There's even an old 665 foot long abandoned train tunnel hidden away just outside of town. One of my favourite things to do is hike along a stream and climb down into the gorge to see the waterfall from the bottom instead of the top. Another hobby of mine (which hiking really lends itself to) is photography. Many of the pictures in my Photo Gallery are taken from my hiking trips.

     Building has also been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember. From Legos, to tree forts, to snow forts, to computers, to cars, I have always loved constructing and modifying things. On a finer scale, I dabble a bit in electronics as well. I used to own a business in which I repaired VCRs, kitchen appliances, and so on. That business also included video production and computer graphic design (that's where I got the name and logo for this page - "Mind's Eye Productions" was the name of my old business). Although quite successful, I eventually closed the business so I could concentrate more on my school work (I was in high school at the time).

     So what else can I say? Let's see... I'm 45 years old, 5'11" tall, have black hair and brown eyes. I don't smoke (never have, never will) and because of allergies I have no pets. My favourite food is chicken fingers and fries. I used to be a slave to the Za (pizza), but that was mainly because it was the most affordable take-out in college. Music-wise I have a variety of tastes ranging from pop to hard rock to classical. I love movie scores (like those by John Williams, James Horner, Danny Elfman, Howard Shore, etc), and even though I hated it at the time, I'm a big fan of 80's music. Basically I like stuff that is up-beat. I'm not a fan of depressing grunge "music", not into alternative rock, not interested in rap, and not hugely into country.

So that's me. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
Please wait for the vehicle to come to a complete stop before disembarking.

PS - If you did take the time to read this (Really? You did? Man, you must have been really bored), you might be saying to yourself "Sure, he says his age on the page, but what good is that if he hasn't updated it recently?" You're right, I don't update it that often. But my page knows my age better than I do, so I let it update itself. It is dynamically generated according to a complex calculation based on my birth date, cross-checked against and subtracted from the server's current time at the moment you loaded this page, which is kept in sync with the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado (with the appropriate compensations made for my time zone, Daylight Savings Time and the current state of the time-space continuum). So it's guaranteed accurate to the second you loaded this page. Honest. Would I make this up?

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